Thursday, September 14, 2017


An update on David seems to be in order. He is doing great is his Pre-K class at First Baptist Preschool, and he seems to be enjoying making life as wild and interesting as possible...making life very "colorful" for me. 

Yesterday morning we all (me and the four kids) sat in a small room at the doctor's office, waiting for David to have his 4 year-old check-up and shots. 

The Nurse Practitioner came in and asked the usual questions, to which David gave the worst possible answers. She started off asking him about preschool, and he told her he did not have a playground, did not do art or crafts, and did not learn about letters...or learn anything. (All in the softest, cutest voice possible).

Then she asked him what kind of food he likes. No matter what she asked him, the only thing he would say was, "CANDY!!!!" 

"Do you like strawberries?" 

"No! Candy!"

"Do you like apples?"

"No! Candy!"

And on, and on, and on, it went...

I found some pictures on my phone of David that I thought I would include in this update:

On the playground at the SplashPark

Showing me that he "won't have to change at bedtime, because he already has his jammas on"

Riding his bike at the beach. His favorite part was dodging "obstacles" on the sidewalk

"Reading" his Bible in the morning while he waits for everyone else to wake up. 

A video of him playing with the "toy" that he literally played with for an entire day...including a 6-hour car trip. It was a tangled up piece of blue string.

Playing with his "military guys"
Note: on the first week of preschool, David brought home a craft that was titled "All About Me." Under the part that said "I want to be:" It said, "Military Chef."

That's David!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lego Transformer

Today Mac showed me his very first "transformer invention."

It's a lego plane that turns into a robot.



Front Yard Fort

Yesterday Mac and David went out to the front yard and started working hard on a new project. They told me it is a secret fort. 


Looks like there is still a little work to do on the camouflaging.


This pretty much sums it up!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Today Corrie wanted to practice riding her bike on the sidewalk. I went over to help her and noticed that some interesting attachments had been added to her bike. 

She said, "It's a cicada wrapped in saran wrap." 

That's Corrie!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Cereal Art

Not even cereal is safe from becoming a canvas for these kids' imaginations...pretty fun!
According to Corrie, this is an orange fish with banana fins

This looks like an angry cereal bird to me!